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Messages from President of the HKTS

Inaugural Message from the President of Hong Kong Thoracic Society
Dr NGAI Chun Li, Jenny (April 2023)

With the privilege and honor to be elected as the President of the Hong Kong Thoracic Society (HKTS) for the coming two years (2023 – 2025), I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks, respect and gratitude to all medical professionals who have used their best endeavors in fighting COVID-19 for Hong Kong in the past three years. With their relentless efforts, it is time to declare our victory over the COVID-19 battle and congratulate Hong Kong as well as the rest of the world for stepping out of the haze and overcoming the hardship we faced.
Even though COVID-19 has brought about unexpected changes and unprecedented challenges to us all, together with our sister societies, the Chest Delegation Hong Kong and Macau and the Hong Kong Lung Foundation, we have made great contributions to the respiratory field in Hong Kong by providing the public with education on important respiratory disease including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease through radio, television and social media. The societies have hosted more than ten educational webinars on different important topics to exchange updated information with experts worldwide. We are also glad to see that more than five hundred participants attended our Annual Scientific Meeting and Autumn Respiratory Seminar. While the health exhibition of “SARS to COVID-19” at the twentieth anniversary of SARS reminded us of the unforgettable experience, the mask design competition hosted by our Societies should have aroused the Hong Kong public to stay strong and have the courage to fight for our future amid the COVID-19 sorrow times.
I am confident that the coming two years will be more fruitful than ever.  With the 28th Asian Pacific Society of Respirology Congress 2024 in Hong Kong on our agenda, this is definitely an exciting year for HKTS as the host organizing society. At the same time, we will never forget our missions and visions and we will strive our best to continue our leading role in the respiratory field.
It is my pleasure and honor to work with all council members and the new cabinet during my term and I believe all Society members are looking forward to two amazing years for HKTS!

Dr NGAI Chun Li, Jenny
President, Hong Kong Thoracic Society (2023 - 2025)
Inaugural Message from the President of Hong Kong Thoracic Society
Dr. Lam Sin Man, Grace (March 2021)

I wish to pay my utmost respect to all medical professionals as we continue to fight the COVID-19 battle in our various positions as frontline healthcare providers, advisors and researchers. This current crisis has presented challenges that threatened to buckle our system at some point, but at the same time has offered the medical professionals an opportunity to unite, to gain insights in the management of respiratory infection, and to accelerate research including immunization.

With the challenges of the current COVID-19 pandemic, lung health becomes ever more important. Reducing air pollution, smoking cessation and supporting the needs of patients with respiratory diseases have always been at the heart of the Hong Kong Thoracic Society (HKTS) community. We will continue our support of these public health focuses for the betterment of everyone’s health, in order to make a difference in the place we live in, and the place where our future generations will live in.

Despite the many restrictions in social distancing, we have proved ourselves resilient and flexible. HKTS, in joint forces with CHEST Delegation Hong Kong & Macau have and will continue our regular clinical meetings, Annual Scientific Meeting, and Autumn Respiratory Seminar virtually. We will continue to host webinars on important topics to exchange updated information with professionals and experts worldwide. Members can also find up-to-date information in the Newsletter jointly published by HKTS, Hong Kong Lung Foundation, and CHEST Delegation Hong Kong & Macau, as well as on our joint website. Staying abreast has always been important to ensure quality care to our patients, and HKTS will continue to support members to achieve this aim.

In 1986, our predecessors wisely brought together professionals in the field of respiratory medicine. Through generations of leadership by past Presidents and Council Members, HKTS has witnessed and contributed to decades of advancement in pulmonary diseases. I am deeply honoured to be elected as the President of HKTS to serve for the term 2021 – 2023. Working closely with my cabinet, we promise to add another two meaningful years in the history of HKTS.

Hoping to see you all in person soon!

Dr. Lam Sin Man, Grace
President, Hong Kong Thoracic Society (2021 – 2023)
Inaugural Message from the President of Hong Kong Thoracic Society
Dr. LAM Chi Leung, David, 2019

It gives me great pleasure to be elected to serve a new terms of office for the Hong Kong Thoacic Society. I found myself having inherited a strong and active HKTS that has got established from the leadership and efforts of the past Presidents and their council members in previous terms.

We are faced with both challenges and opportunities ahead. With recent rapid development of respiratory medicine, there are ample opportunities for us to develop thematic professional and public education activities in areas like precision medicine and personalized care, embracing different respiratory conditions like COPD, asthma, lung cancer, etc. Anti-smoking initiatives, including efforts towards a total ban on newer forms of cigarettes, is to continue. Prospective multi-centered clinical research projects in areas of respiratory medicine are most welcomed to advance knowledge on the impact of various respiratory conditions on our community. To achieve all these would call for the seamless collaboration between, and support from, members of the HKTS. Staying connected with other national and regional respiratory societies in the Asian Pacific regions and in the new endeavor of the greater bay area would be vital to the professional standing and collegiality of HKTS with colleagues from outside of Hong Kong.

I am most grateful to be able to gather a group of energetic colleagues within HKTS working in close collaboration with the Hong Kong Lung Founcation and the CHEST Delegation Hong Kong and Macau. It is working through such brother- and sister-hood that we are striking to move forward our respiratory community in Hong Kong.

Dr David CL Lam
President (2019 – 21), Hong Kong Thoracic Society
Inaugural Message from the President of Hong Kong Thoracic Society
Dr YEE Kwok Sang, Wilson 2017

With a prosperous celebration of its 30th anniversary held last year, the Hong Kong Thoracic Society (HKTS) is ready to start off the fourth decade strong continuing its efforts in the promotion of respiratory medicine. We strive to raise awareness of respiratory health in the general public by holding educational and promotional events that reach out to a greater scale of the population. Meanwhile, we are in the process of refining the infrastructure and operation of the Society, by means of recruiting ‘young blood’ and engaging in various clinical researches.

HKTS was enthusiastic in public promotion last year. Thanks to the tremendous contributions from the Hong Kong Lung Foundation (HKLF) and the Chest Delegation HK & Macau Limited, a series of public events were organized. Among all, a large-scale exhibition named ‘Recent Advances in Respiratory Medicine’ was held in May in Olympian City. The event included information boards and game booths concerning respiratory diseases, demonstration of various medical tools and devices such as EBUS, navigational bronchoscopy and OSAS masks, and small talks given by authorities from various disciplines. Apart from that, a press conference was held in November for the announcement of results of a local respiratory health survey, as well as for prize presentation of the ‘poster design competition’ made open to primary and secondary school students. The Society was also involved in the publication of the Chinese education booklet ‘Advance in Respiratory Therapeutics’ and the Anniversary Bulletin of 20th/30th of HKLF/HKTS. The Bulletin included a collection of vivid memories from past events, a record of accomplishments of the Society, and congratulatory messages from both local and international associations.

As promised, HKTS will continue its effort in the scope of respiratory medicine. We are excited to take new steps in the near future. For instance, in response to the publication of ‘Burden of Lung Disease’ in the last decade, the Society has been continuously monitoring the trend of respiratory diseases in HK and will alert the government and the Hospital Authority timely in the event of significant changes. On the other hand, a new Special Interest Group (SIG) on Airway Diseases is on its way to establishment under the Education Committee, with guidance from Dr. Christopher Lai and Dr. Fanny Ko. The SIG will coordinate with the Scientific Committee to promote relevant researches and make contributions to the scientific program of the ASM/ARS. Meanwhile the thematic promulgation this year will also be on Airway Diseases. The Publicity Committee will work closely with the SIG to organize a series of publicity and educational activities.

Several measures will be implemented in the aspects of public relation, communication and editorial. In order to enhance public accessibility to public health information on respiratory diseases, the Website Committee will work on the joint website such that relevant information can be of easy access to the population; moreover, Chinese translations will be made available in relevant sections. On the other hand, a new column specifically dedicated to young members and fellows is going to be added to the Newsletter.

It is my great honor to assume responsibility as the President of the HKTS for the term 2017-2019. I would like to take the chance to express my heartfelt gratitude towards Dr. Loletta So, our immediate past president, and all Council members for their dedication and contribution to the Society. I am particularly grateful for the tremendous help and support both Dr. Joseph Pang and Dr. CY Tam have demonstrated throughout their long years serving in the HKTS Council; they will retire from the current Council. I shall also thank HKLF and CHEST Delegation HK & Macau Limited for mutual support, and I look forward to maintaining the close collaboration.

With our vision set upon the future, there are numerous opportunities for us to seize and act upon. May I appeal to all of you to provide your support in the upcoming development of the Society. I truly believe that unity and fraternity will lead us to strength, and as professionals of the respiratory field we should exert our influence on public awareness and all relevant developments

Dr YEE Kwok Sang, Wilson,
President, HKTS (2017-2019)
Inaugural message from the President of the Hong Kong Thoracic Society,
Dr. Loletta So, March 2015

It is my great pleasure and honour to assume responsibility as the President of the Hong Kong Thoracic Society [HKTS] for the term 2015–2017. I would first like to thank our immediate past President Dr Fanny Ko for her great leadership, and the last Council for making tremendous contributions to the successes of HKTS in past two years. We are also here to salute all past Presidents and Councils for laying down countless accomplishments and solid foundations upon which HKTS can continue to build and expand. I would then like to express my gratitude to the new Council and committees, and we shall also thank the CHEST Delegation Hong Kong and Macau Limited and the Hong Kong Lung Foundation [HKLF] for mutual support and invaluable guidance. I hope we can live up to expectations and keep up the excellence set by our predecessors.

We are going to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the HKTS, and to rejoice, also the 20th anniversary of the HKLF. These past decades have witnessed the conjoint efforts of HKLF, ACCP and HKTS, in achieving many tripartite collaborations, such as promoting and assisting healthcare professionals to advance medical knowledge and clinical skills, raising public awareness of the importance of preventing and treating respiratory diseases, improving internal communication and multidisciplinary cohesiveness. To celebrate anniversaries, the three societies have planned to join hands again in the furtherance of common missions and to excel beyond boundaries. Below are some coming events and highlighted activities.

Following the recent two annual themes of “A Decade after SARS” and “Airway Diseases”, we would like to broaden the scope towards a theme of ‘Advances of Respiratory Medicine’, with a view to covering more respiratory diseases of greater public interests, e.g. airway diseases, respiratory infections, lung cancer, sleep disorders, interventional bronchology. With the encouraging results from the publicity work attempted in recent years, we will base on accumulated experiences to organizing more media activities, community talks and campaign, health exhibition and spirometry checks. The outstanding work of website reform by the former newsletter and website subcommittee has greatly improved the communication platform among members. The new subcommittee consisting of many capable and enthusiastic members will continue the excellent efforts and further enhance the functionality of the website. The scientific and education subcommittee will continue their expertise contributions in organizing high quality scientific conference and symposia, certificate courses, and thematic workshops for our medical, nursing and allied health colleagues. Their efforts will extend to collaborate with professional organizations from the mainland and Macau to organize the HKTS ACCP Across Strait Symposium later this year.

With the concerted efforts of the Councils and your unfailing support, we will be creating together ever memorable anniversary events, and may we be able to go from strength to strength in the many years to come.

Dr. SO Kit Ying, Loletta
President, HKTS (2015-2017)